Which Holiday Marks The New Year In The Kashmiri Calendar

By | November 13, 2022

Which Holiday Marks The New Year In The Kashmiri Calendar? April is here and with it comes many auspicious days and festivals that are marked for celebrations in this month.

Today, April 2, marks the start of the Hindu New Year this year and coincides with Chaitra Navratri’s 1 day respectively. As India is a diverse land, different regions have different names to start the New Year celebrations according to the Hindu calendar.

Which Holiday Marks The New Year In The Kashmiri Calendar

Which Holiday Marks The New Year In The Kashmiri Calendar

In India, Yugadi, Chetichand, Navira, and Gudi Padwa are widely celebrated. Today, let’s give you a close-up of how the country welcomes the Hindu New Year in different regions.

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The first day of the month of Chaitra (March-April) is celebrated as Nure or Kashmiri New Year all over Jammu and Kashmir. It is widely celebrated by the Kashmiri Pandit community where people greet everyone they meet with a warm ‘Noore Mubarak’ (Happy New Year)!

Which holiday marks the New Year in the Kashmiri calendar?

  • Chaitra
  • Masa
  • Bhaadun
  • Navreh



  • Navreh

New Year’s Day Observed

This year in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, the auspicious festival will be celebrated today as people welcome the New Year by placing gardens outside their doors or window. The occasion is usually celebrated on the first day of the month of Chitra and is celebrated as Samutsara in Konkani communities. On the other hand, in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is known as Ugadi.
It is known as Sindhi New Year and is mainly celebrated by Sindhi Hindus in India and Pakistan. This festival coincides with the second day of Chitra Shukla Paksha in the Hindu calendar. And since on this day the moon appears first after the non-moon, it is called Chetichand. The day is also known as Jholilal Jayanti, dedicated to a deity believed to be an incarnation of the Hindu god Varuna.

What Is The Meaning Of New Year

India is a diverse land with different types of people and the way they celebrate the New Year. These days are celebrated in different parts of India with names like Ugadi, Gudi Padu, Vishu, Puthandu etc. which reflect the rich culture of India. Some states follow the solar calendar and some follow the lunar calendar. To know more, here is a list of various New Year days celebrated in different states of India.
The festival is celebrated in the month of March-April in the state of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh (the month of Chitra. As a symbol of the beginning of an age, the date of the festival follows the Hindu calendar system. The date brings the festivals is where people buy new clothes and eat good food.

The biggest celebrations for Lunar New Year occur in:

  1. China
  2. Vietnam
  3. Korea
  4. Malaysia
  5. Singapore
  6. Indonesia
  7. Philippines
  8. Thailand.

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Why We Celebrate New Year

Celebrated on the first day of the month of Chaitra, Gari Padwa is the new year’s day for Maharashtrians and Konkanis. On this day, a doll is seen hanging on the right side of the main entrance of the houses. (Gari is a bright yellow cloth tied to the tip of a long bamboo and copper vessel topped with sugar beads).
Baisakhi is the harvest festival, which is celebrated with great pomp among Sikhs. The festival marks the beginning of the new year on April 13 and on the 14th, bringing people of all religions together. Baisakhi also stands as the day of the formation of the Sikh Khalsa. The Golden Temple in Amritsar can be seen hosting major festivals with Youth Knight States, Canada, and Youth Knight Kingdom.

How To Celebrate New Year

The traditional Tamil New Year begins in mid-April either on April 13 or 14 or on the first day of the Amal month of Chithirai. During this festival, people wish each other “Pothando Vazhthukal” which means Happy New Year. The special food of this celebration is Mangi Pichai made from raw mangoes, neem flowers, and jaggery.
Celebrated in mid-April, Bohag Bihu marks the beginning of the Asami New Year. This festival is one of the most important festivals of Assam which is celebrated with great fervor, faith, and belief.
Celebrated with great fervor in mid-April, Nabu Barsha is the Bengali New Year. The day brings with it a number of cultural events, shopping, and prayers as well as many festivities. Pahela Bushakh is also celebrated by tribal people in hilly areas of Tripura and cities of other countries.

Georgian New Year

Best Varas is the Gujarati New Year which marks the beginning of the harvest season in Gujarat and is therefore celebrated with great fervor. The festival comes on the day after Diwali with religious rituals and traditions. The Marwaris of Rajasthan celebrate Diwali as New Year, the most pious day for a new beginning.

Vishu is the Malayalam New Year, celebrated like the New Year elsewhere in India, but usually on April 14 of the Gregorian calendar. It is one of the most famous traditional festivals, followed by the people of Kerala.

New Year Festivals

The Muslim New Year begins on the 1st of Muharram because the Islamic calendar is not compatible with the Gregorian calendar and only for this reason the date of the Islamic New Year or Muharram varies according to the lunar calendar. The New Year is celebrated with ancient customs and traditions for the coming spring.
El Losings is the most popular and oldest festival of Sikkim, celebrated in December. The festival marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the new year for the people of Si.