What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam

By | November 12, 2022

What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam? Refers to your query. It is not permissible to wish Christmas to non-Muslims because such a greeting is a religious greeting and we Muslims are not allowed to adopt any ritual or practice of our religion.

In the hadith, it is forbidden to greet in a non-Muslim way. Saying Happy New Year is makruh, not at all haram because it is not a religious term. But even that is best avoided. Instead of both types of greetings, we can simply say to them:

What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam

What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam

“We wish you a festive season” or “Festival season greetings” and while saying it keeps the intention in our heart that you pray for guidance. have been. for them. Their wish is actually the wish that Allah will guide them to Islam. And Allah knows best. According to a Saudi scholar, wishing someone a Merry Christmas is “absolutely forbidden” in Islam. What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam.

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Asim Al Hakeem issued the order in response to a question received on Twitter earlier this week. “Saying Merry Christmas means you acknowledge that Allah has a son! No Muslim would do that,” Al-Hakim tweeted. Her post sparked a lot of controversy on the microblogging platform, leading to a heated debate on the matter. “Merry Christmas” or not? As the holiday season approaches, so does this ubiquitous debate: Is it acceptable for Muslims to celebrate “Merry Christmas”?

Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Urdu

We just love that freshness in the air, holiday movie marathons with our friends, and those delicious holiday-themed treats (calories don’t count when they’re delicious, right?!)

but actually calling people “my How about the act of wishing “Merry Christmas,” whether in response to their greeting or by initiating the greeting yourself? What about this? Fueling our curiosity, we took a page out of our standard Muslim girl handbook. We posed the question to our avid readers for some lively (and boy, do we mean lively) debate.

Merry Christmas Meaning In Urdu In Islam

The responses we received were, as always, varied and hotly debated. Muslims are to greet others as we want them to greet us. What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam, A common Islamic greeting is to wish for peace, which in Arabic is: Salam Alaikum.

We are told that this is the salutation that Allah taught Adam: He was told that the first angels should greet him. You were also told, “This is a formula of salutation for you and your progeny.” (Al-Bukhari). Having said that, there is nothing wrong with using the standard greeting that is common among people. If you are greeting Christians, you can wish them Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas.

This in no way means that you hold to specific Christian doctrines of the Trinity, the Crucifixion, etc. unless you certainly intend to. What Is The Meaning Of Merry Christmas In Islam?