Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab

By | October 30, 2022

Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab. According to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Amendment Act 2019, it is the responsibility of the village council or ward council to register births, deaths, marriages and divorces.

You can go to the Nazim’s office for such registration. The applicant may write or notify the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Service Entitlement Commission if said service is denied or delayed. The union council birth certificate process is a mandatory requirement under Pakistani law.

Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab

Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab

Obtaining a birth certificate is a fundamental right of every child recognized by national and international law. For this union council, a birth certificate is the first step after which NADRA issues a Child Registration Certificate (CRC) then based on the NADRA birth form, one can get the CNIC.

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Get your union council birth certificate registration online from Pakistan. Obtaining your local union council birthday certificate system that is available online in Pakistan. You can also get union council birth certificate online Karachi and can also check union council birth certificate online verification.

Requirements Terms Condition

Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab that Here is the list of requirements to get your birth certificate from trade union council in Pakistan. Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab the show below.

  • Present the school certificate
  • Proof of birth hospital record
  • Parent ID card
  • Birth request form
  • Birth certificate application form
  • Affidavit paper stamp

Registration by Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce

S. No. Name of Service Form Given Time Limit Designated Officer Appellate Authority
1 Registration & Certificate of Birth Download Form 2 Days Secretary Union Council AD Local Govt
2 Registration & Certificate of Death Download Form 2 Days Secretary Union Council AD Local Govt
3 Registration & Certificate of Nikkah Download Form NA Secretary Union Council AD Local Govt
4 Registration & Certificate of Divorce NA NA Secretary Union Council AD Local Govt

Procedure For Obtaining A Birth Certificate

Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab. A birth certificate will be issued by the union council of the district of Concern where the child was born. To request the birth certificate of a child under 18.

  • You can obtain a birth certificate from the secretariat of the office of the union council concerned.
  • Complete the following section to be completed in the birth form. Person, name of parents. Place of birth & date of birth.
  • The application will be submitted with a value of RS.100 to the Secretary of the Trade Union Council of the district concerned.
  • Attach a copy of the parent’s identity card

Certificate of compulsory education for an educated person.

Affidavit certificate required on stamped paper worth Rs.30/duly attested by Commissioner for Oaths for uneducated person.

Your regional council is administered by the Ministry of the Interior. It is mainly controlled by the NADRA to authority in Pakistan. All records are stored in the database via the CRMS number. The CRMS number determines the family history record and connection history.


How do I register my newborn in the Union Council?

To register a child for the Syndicate Council, the parents must present the following documents: Copy of the parents’ CNIC. Certificate issued by hospital/traditional birth attendant. Form provided by the Syndicate duly completed with signature and thumbprint.

Can I apply birth certificate online in Punjab?

Step # 1: The applicant must visit the official website of Punjab given.

Step # 2: Click on “Citizen login” on the portal  to the homepage.

Step # 3: On the “Next” page, choose “Birthday Certificate Issuance (Urban Areas)” from the all the list of online services.

While all the council complies with the rules of the nadra registration authority for the issuance of any legal document. Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab Regional councils in Pakistan are open on working days for daily public duties. You will need to visit your local council for more information and customer support.

Birth Registration Form Union Council

The regional council also plays an important role in political elections in Pakistan. All votes cast are also controlled and administered by your regional council. You can get your legal document from your regional council in Pakistan.

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You will first need to apply online. After which, you will be given a date to collect your applied legal all the document. The legal documentation of individual Pakistani citizens is the basis of being a Pakistani national. Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab that is like show.

Birthday Certificate Punjab | Online Birthday Certificate Apply & Download

You can also have your legal document printed from your regional council in English and Urdu. Your regional council’s certificate issuance sample can also be viewed online. The computerized format includes applicants names, address, parents details and place of birth.

Your regional council is also responsible for dealing with the issues of your local district. It can act under temporary government law to maintain the area’s water supply, road maps, or construction. It ensures that all local people in the society abide by the law or the rules of life in those areas.
Therefore, your local council is also open to individual issues encountered in your area. The Regional Councilor or Manager handles all local issues associated with Pakistani law. Union Council Birth Registration Form Punjab