Top 5 Engineering Companies In Pakistan List

By | January 26, 2023

Top 5 Engineering Companies In Pakistan List. If you are here looking for top engineering companies in Pakistan 2023 then you are on the right page.

There is a huge scope for engineering in Pakistan and many programs are being offered in our country. Before taking a job in any company, you can know the classification and features of that enterprise. Different companies have their own criteria for selecting employees and management.

Top 5 Engineering Companies In Pakistan List

Top 5 Engineering Companies In Pakistan List

Getting famous is not an easy thing. It requires hard work and proper planning. Companies that are at the top of the table have done a lot to gain prominence. Their name is now at the top because of hard-working management and staff.

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Now they are top in every province and city of Pakistan. These are engineering companies in Pakistan 2023. So, check below to check about these companies.

5). NESPAK (National Engineering Services Pakistan) 

National Engineering Services Pakistan NES is a Pakistan-based multinational government enterprise and energy contractor that provides consulting, construction, engineering and management services globally. It is one of the largest big engineering consultant management companies in Africa & Asia.

4). Descon

Descon is a Pakistani multinational company based in Lahore, Pakistan. The company was founded on 15th December 1977. It operates in the engineering, power and chemical sectors. Descon is the only Pakistani engineering company to be listed in Engineering News-Record since 2007.

3). Zeeshan Engineering Private Limited

It was founded by Syed Atiquddin Ahmed in 1981. It also offers services in oil and gas sectors and water management projects.

Address: 47/F, Block 6, PECHS, Block 6 PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75400

2). Pakistan Engineering Private Limited

It has been in this sector since 1972 and has been working on projects like electric products, pumps and turbines.

1). Siemens

Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate corporation and Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing company headquartered in Munich with branch offices abroad.


Which engineering is best in Pakistan?

  1. Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Electrical Engineering.
  3. Civil Engineering.
  4. Mechatronics Engineering.
  5. Chemical Engineering.
  6. Software Engineering.
  7. Computer Engineering.
  8. Petroleum Engineering

Which company is best for engineering?

  1. Google.
  2. Microsoft Corporation.
  3. Boeing.
  4. Ford Motor Company.
  5. IDOM.
  6. Lockheed Martin.
  7. BMW Group.
  8. Growing Demand for a Workforce.

How many engineers are registered in Pakistan?

Goals Millions of engineers graduate worldwide every year. According to a recent survey, about 25,000 engineers graduate in Pakistan annually and about 0.26 million engineers are registered with the Pakistan Engineering Council.

Which engineering has the highest job?

  1. Highest Paying Engineering Jobs.
  2. Petroleum Engineer.
  3. Computer Hardware Engineer.
  4. Aerospace Engineer.
  5. Nuclear Engineer.
  6. Chemical Engineer.
  7. Electronics Engineer.
  8. Sales Engineer.

Which Engineer has the highest scope?

Aeronautical engineers are considered the highest-paid engineers in the industry and specialize in the design and development of aircraft and spacecraft.

Which Engineer has the best salary?

  1. Systems Engineer.
  2. Electrical Engineer.
  3. Chemical Engineer.
  4. Big Data Engineer.

The position of these companies is at the top. Before building a business, you need to invest well, and then the team needs to be experienced and talented. This way, the position is maintained at the top. So this was all about the top engineering companies in Pakistan in 2023. Hope all the points are clear to you in the post. If you have any queries then ask in the comment box.