Teacher Education Roadmap HEC Revises

By | January 3, 2023

Teacher Education Roadmap HEC Revises. The Islamabad Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced a revised roadmap for teacher education in Pakistan. Under the new roadmap, MA Education, M.Ed and BS Education degrees now receive the equivalent status of B.Ed 4 years, B.Ed Hons, B.Ed 2.5 years after 14 years of education, & B.Ed 1.5 years after 16 years of education.

The new roadmap is designed in accordance with the recommendations of the National Curriculum Review Committee in the discipline of Education. According to the revised roadmap:

Teacher Education Roadmap HEC Revises

Teacher Education Roadmap HEC Revises

Candidates with an Associate of Education (ADE) degree may enroll in the fifth semester or third year of a four-year Bachelor of Education degree. Program.

Candidates with an associate’s degree in disciplines other than education or previous two-year BA/BSc degrees (now defunct) will be admitted to the fifth semester or third year of a four-year bachelor’s degree in education. program through a bridging semester after completion of deficiency courses (15-18 credit hours) as determined by the admitting university on a case-by-case basis.

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MA Education, M.Ed., and BS Education will be considered equivalent to B.Ed. 4 years/B.Ed. (Hons), B.Ed. 2.5 after 14 years of qualification & B.Ed.1.5 after 16 years of all qualification.

Graduates who are 16 years of age or have equivalent qualifications in disciplines other than Education and who wish to acquire a B.Ed. the degree will allow enrollment in B.Ed.1.5 comprising of .45-54 credit hours of coursework.

Graduates who have 16 years of non-relevant qualification and wish to gain admission into the MS/MPhil Education will be required to complete deficiency courses of a minimum of 18 credit hours as part of the said degree program as determined by the admitting university in a case- case by case.

HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION HEC Teacher Education Roadmap Revises

The nomenclature for Teacher Education Degrees will only be “Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)” from Fall 2023 onward.

Branches, such as Early Childhood Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, etc., and specializations such as Curriculum, Assessment, Academic Planning, Leadership, Guidance, and Counseling, etc., will only be reflected on the transcripts and not on the titles.

The same has been communicated to the directors of all universities in the public and private sectors, as well as to the degree-granting institutes through an official letter.

Teacher Education Roadmap HEC Revises