Salary Chart of New Appointed Employees in Pakistan BPS Wise

By | January 26, 2023

Salary Chart of New Appointed Employees in Pakistan BPS Wise. Here I am sharing Salary Chart for Newly Appointed Employees in Pakistan 2023. A newly appointed employee in the basic pay scale can check his pay on his new appointment.

The salary chart is for BPS-01 to BPS-20 employees in Pakistan. This salary chart for 2023-24 is for Federation, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, and GB AJ&K.This salary chart for newly appointed employees in Pakistan during 2022-23 is only for employees who were appointed in BPS by Govt.

Salary Chart of New Appointed Employees in Pakistan BPS Wise

This chart is not intended for employees appointed in SPS, PBS, or other specific pay scales. Allowances may vary somewhat in some departments but the basic allowances are the same for all BPS employees. Let’s start with the salary chart for Federation, Balochistan, GB, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab.

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Well, the Pakistani pay system for government employees is working under the BPS system i.e. basic pay scale while the private sector pay system is called the basic scale salary BSS.


What is the pay of BPS 14?

Basic Pay Scale No Gross Salary
Salary of BPS-14 38556
Salary of BPS-15 40666
Salary of BPS-16 49062
Salary of BPS-17 75272

What is the basic pay in government salary?

Basic pay is usually 40% of gross income or 50% of an individual’s CTC. Basic Pay = Gross Pay – Total Allowances (Medical Insurance, HRA, DA, Conveyance etc.)

What is the salary of BPS 20 in Pakistan?

Final Revised Basic Pay Scales Initial, Final Stages, and Increments

BPS  Pay Scales  Pay Scales
BPS-19 59210 87840
BPS-20 69090 102470
BPS-21 76720 113790
BPS-22 82380 122190

What is the basic monthly salary?

Basic monthly salary means the employee’s regular monthly salary including any previous salary adjustments but excluding overtime or any other special payment.

What are the basic salary and total salary?

Base salary is the amount agreed upon by the employer and employee excluding overtime or any other additional compensation. Gross pay, on the other hand, is the amount paid before taxes or other deductions but includes overtime pay and bonuses.

Salary Chart for New Appointed Employees (BPS-wise) in Pakistan

In the BPS pay system, government organizations, schools, universities, hospitals and other government departments pay salaries only under the BPS salary chart issued by the Government of Pakistan, but in the private salary system, salary payments are based on the services and grounds of the employees. is done under Experience as an owner of private firms has decided.

Salary Chart of New Appointed Employees in Pakistan BPS Wise

Salary Chart of New Appointed Employees in Pakistan BPS Wise