Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

By | December 25, 2022

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf. Pakistani citizens who have successfully received the covid-19 vaccine can get the vaccination certificate from the official Nims Nadra Gov PK website.

In this article, we have outlined a step-by-step procedure for obtaining your “proof of a COVID-19 vaccine dose”. So stay tuned with us for a quick and easy trick. The government of Pakistan has launched an official page for Nims Nadra Gov PK site.

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

Through this, you can get complete information about your vaccination for free. You just need to log in to this page with your ID. card no. Fill in some basic details and then download your certificate. This certificate is very beneficial for Pakistani citizens who want to travel internationally.

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Therefore, this certificate is considered a mandatory part while traveling from one country to another. Also, it is proof that you are free from Covid-19 and you have full protest due to vaccination. You can get more information by dialing the Covid-19 NADRA Helpline toll-free.

Step by Step to Get Vaccination Certificate

The government is uploading details of all vaccinated citizens along with special certificates on the official government database.

Moreover, this covid certificate will be very important for everyone. So it is important to know how you can download this certificate at home.

Step 1st to Get a Vaccination Certificate 

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

Step 2nd to Get a Vaccination Certificate 

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

Step 3rd to Get a Vaccination Certificate 

Nims Nadra Vaccination Certificate Download Pdf

The main benefit that is going to be on the health of the citizens as this vaccine will protect the citizens of Pakistan from the dangerous coronavirus.

On the other hand, when a citizen wants to go abroad, he must have this certificate. So it is mandatory to show this certificate at the airport for a visa and ticket.

To Get a Covid Card or Certificate: Click Here

Vaccination Registration Procedure for Eligible Citizens

All Citizens:

Register yourself by sending your CNIC number to 1166 (free SMS) from any mobile number or visit and visit the nearest center for vaccination.

Eligibility for Citizens’ Additional / Booster Dose

The following categories of persons are eligible for an additional dose with an interval of 6 months from the previous dose:-

  • Immunocompromised individuals of all eligible age groups
  • Citizens, 18 years of age and older
  • Healthcare workers
  • Citizens with travel requirements can get one or two additional doses of the vaccine free of charge with an interval of at least 21/28 days since the previous dose.


  • – Wait up to 28 days, if recovering from a recent Covid-19 infection.
  • – Sinopharm, Synovac, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines can be used as boosters in any combination.
  • – Only the Pfizer vaccine will be given to the 12 to 18-year age group.
  • – Before leaving the vaccination center, ensure that your vaccine is entered into NIMS by sending CNIC number 1166.


Stay safe in this critical situation of the Corona epidemic and if you have not been vaccinated yet, get your vaccination dose today. VUlearning has updated the complete procedure to download the vaccine certificate.