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By | December 31, 2022

NIMS. NADRA. Gov. Pk/NIMS/Certificate. To ensure that everyone is safe and sound, getting a Covid certificate in Pakistan has become a must after the Covid-19 outbreak. If you are fully or partially vaccinated, you can request a Covid certificate at NIMS NADRA.

The presence of the Covid-19 certificate eases travel restrictions and you can travel within cities and in different countries without the need to remain in isolation for two weeks. However, many countries of the world have banned people from entering their country without proof of a covid certificate vaccine.

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

NIMS. NADRA. Gov. Pk/NIMS/Certificate

So if you have not got a coronavirus certificate, we will guide you on how to get a Covid certificate in Pakistan now! So let’s get started! The Pakistani government has launched the Vaccination Pass app to make it easier for people to carry their digital Covid vaccination certificate.

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This app allows users to download the vaccination certificate issued via and save it to their phone. The digital certificate is official proof of COVID-19 and other vaccines in case it is necessary at a national or international level. Using the QR Code you can verify the digital certificate instantly.

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This is how you can get your NIMS NADRA vaccination certificate online in Pakistan from the NIMS NADRA website! Just follow the simple steps mentioned below and download your vaccination certificate online for just Rs. 100. The vaccination certificate is the official proof that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Method of NIMS. NADRA: Click Here

Since 2021, NCOC, through the National Immunization Management System (NIMS), has launched numerous vaccination campaigns in Pakistan. People across Pakistan can easily get vaccinated at various predetermined vaccination centers across the country. There are many benefits to obtaining the NADRA Certificate of Vaccination. First, it can be used as proof to show anyone that they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

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One of the most important benefits of the vaccination certificate is for frequent travelers. People wishing to travel abroad have to show their vaccination certificates at airports as a precaution. If you do not have a NIMS certificate, you will be denied entry to the airport and therefore will not be able to travel abroad.

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Additionally, some workplaces have made it mandatory for employees to present their vaccination certificates in an attempt to tighten COVID-19 protocols and control the spread of the disease. A vaccination certificate is also required when visiting tourist places in Pakistan.

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In accordance with the Interim Guidelines for the Reopening of Tourism, vaccination certificates are required to book hotel/guest house rooms as a security measure. This is just one of several SOPs put in place by the Government of Pakistan to curb the spread of the pandemic amid the reopening of tourism.

Certificate Verification – Immunization Program

Educational institutes across the country now also require students to provide their vaccination certificates to enter and study. Therefore, if you have been vaccinated, it is imperative to obtain your COVID vaccination certificate as soon as possible.