Need-Based Scholarship HEC for the Academic Session

By | February 9, 2023

Need-Based Scholarship HEC for the Academic Session 2022-26. Now Mirpur University of Sciences and  Technology has announced HEC’s New need-based scholarship for the academic session in 2022-2026 and 2027.

The scholarship is awarded to all students who are financially challenged and enrolled in BS programs. Students are advised to submit their application form with all attested documents to the MUST Financial Aid Office.

Need-Based Scholarship HEC for the Academic Session 2022-26

Need-Based Scholarship HEC for the Academic Session 2022-26

All students whose monthly family income is more than Rs 45,000 are not eligible for HEC need-based scholarship. The last date for submission of the application form is 28 February 2023.

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Before submitting the application, the student should consult the Focal Person or visit the MUST official website for more information.

HEC Need-Based Scholarships How To Apply Online

Interested candidate/Students/ applicants might get a scholarship submission form from the Financial Aid Office –FAO on the contributing department of university/institution. The form can also be online downloaded from Official Website.

Once the scholarship form is completed, it will be submitted to the same Financial Aid Office (University only) along with supporting documents. (HEC will not accept any application form by hand or directly)

Students/candidates are essential to be self-confessed to 1 of the only accepted topics in the contributing universities/institutions as apiece their admission rule standards.

Please note that students who are already enrolled in the university can also apply for the scholarship.
Please note that under this scholarship this scheme, funds are not directed to be transferred by HEC to the candidates/students. Students/Applicants are salaried by the participating HEC universities/institutions۔

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Need-Based Scholarship HEC for the Academic Session 2022-26

  • Financial assistance and new scholarships are obtainable for study at the scholar level in all punishments at HRC’s designated community subdivision Pakistani universities formerly degree-granting organizations.
  • Students are required to compete for admission to a participating institution and be enrolled in undergraduate (4-year) programs in accordance with the institution’s admissions policy.
  • Students/candidates/Applicants with financial needs who are also already enrolled at these participating institutions are also eligible to online apply.
  • A candidate’s eligibility is linked to his/her financial need as assessed by the Institutional Scholarship Award Committee. In this respect, the monetary context of the candidate’s family will be taken into contemplation.

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  • The number of slots will be obvious to the universities.
  • Backing for slots will endure for the full period of the program. If a student droplet out, they will be substituted by other candidates/students on the waiting-to-come list.
  • All subjects will be reserved open. The designated university will choose whether to comprise or reject a punishment keeping in mind its grant, program price, number of slots chosen etc.
  • In the circumstance of Medicine, Pharm-D then other five-year programmes, backing will be made obtainable for the whole programmer.
  • Seeing the grant billed, the University may regulate the total number of scholarships to a convinced extent to shelter tuition fees.
  • In adding to the tuition fee, each grantee will be assumed a monthly income of 6000/- for the whole program.
  • Students who have taken self-confessed self-finance are not qualified for HEC need-based scholarship programmer

Need-Based Scholarship Form Download: Click Here