NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

By | December 29, 2022

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check. This is how you can get your NIMS NADRA vaccination card or certificate online in Pakistan from the NIMS NADRA official website! Just follow the simple few steps mentioned below & download your vaccination certificate or card online for just Rs. 100 Govt. Payment.

The Government of Pakistan has been providing free vaccination to Pakistani citizens since early 2021. To ensure that people who are fully vaccinated can acquire proof of vaccination against COVID-19, the Government of Pakistan, through the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is offering vaccination certificates. So, if you have also just finished your vaccination process against Cvd-19.

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

You have reached the correct post. is going to detail the entire online application process for the NADRA Cvid-19 Vaccination Certificate or card &  talk about its benefit importance. In this article, we will explain the process for acquiring a COVID-19 vaccination card or certificate from NADRA.

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Eligible Citizens Registration/Vaccination Procedure

Register by sending your CNIC number to 1166 (free sms) from any mobile number or visit and simply go to the nearest vaccination center.

The message to citizens will be sent automatically 48/24 hours before the expiration date from 1166. The standard interval between two doses is 28 days for all types of vaccines.

  • Immunocompromised people of all eligible age groups
  • Citizens over 18 years of age
  • Health workers
  • Travelers. Citizens with travel requirements may obtain one or two additional doses of vaccine at no cost with a minimum interval of 21/28 days from the previous dose.

How to Get NADRA Vaccination Certificate/Card Online in Pakistan

Follow these steps to get your vaccination certificate/ card online:

NIMS NADRA Website Visit

the vaccination certificate/ card online than Visit on any web or mobile phone browser.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate Option Selection

You need to select these options from the menu top bar that says کوویڈ 19 ویکسینیشن سرٹیفکیٹ کا حصول کیلئے۔

  1. Enter ID Card No. NIC Card No.
  2. next step option “No”
  3. Then enter the Issue Date of NIC or ID

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

ID Card Number/ CNIC Number and Issue Date

Name, Passport Number, and Nationality Enter

The next step is to provide your candidate’s name, passport number if available, and then nationality. Then confirm to continue.

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

Payment Method Options

There are 2 methods of payment options for the vaccination certificate or card. You can pay the online payment via your master credit/debit or visa card or pay at a nearby E-Sahulat franchise. In case you choose the credit/debit card option, you will get an OTP on your mobile phone number that you will need to enter to confirm your payment. The fee for the vaccination certificate or card is Rs. 100 only.

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

Vaccination Certificate/ Card Downloaded

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check

NADRA Vaccination Certificate Online Check


How do I download my COVID vaccination certificate?

To access your card or certificate, you can download the COVID Cert NI mobile app. Or, you can sign in at the following link for a printable PDF version: Sign in to the COVID Certificate Service.

How do I get a vaccine certificate?

If you do not have access to the App or the web and you plan to travel in the next 4 weeks, you can call 119 and request a letter (it will take up to seven days), which will only be sent to the current complete address registered with your GP.

How do I scan a vaccination certificate?

Visit Click on the “Scan QR” code. A notification will ask you to activate your device’s camera. Point the camera at the QR code at the bottom right of the issued certificate and scan it.

How to find the vaccination code?

The cell phone number you included in your registration. Your vaccination code from the SMS you received after the vaccination.

How to get PDF of the COVID pass?

  • Make sure you have downloaded the NHS app on your phone.
  • Click on NHS COVID pass & then click on Travel.
  • Please scroll down and click the link to download a PDF copy.
  • Select gmail from the options and email it to.


There are many benefits to obtaining the NADRA Certificate of Vaccination. First, it can be used as proof to show anyone that they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

One of the most important benefits of the vaccination card or certificate is for frequent travelers. People wishing to travel abroad have to show their vaccination certificates card at airports as a precaution. If you do not have a Nims certificate, you will be denied entry to the airport and therefore will not be able to travel abroad.

Additionally, some workplaces have made it mandatory for employees to present their vaccination certificates in an attempt to tighten COVID-19 protocols and control the spread of the disease. A vaccination certificate is also required when visiting tourist places in Pakistan.

In accordance with the Interim Guidelines for the Reopening of Tourism, vaccination certificates are required to book hotel/guest house rooms as a security measure.

This is just one of several SOPs put in place by the Government of Pakistan to curb the spread of the pandemic amid the reopening of tourism. Educational institutes across the country now also require students to provide their vaccination certificates to enter and study. Therefore, if you have been vaccinated, it is imperative to obtain your COVID vaccination certificate as soon as possible.