IRSF- International Research Support Fellowship

By | November 26, 2022

IRSF- International Research Support Fellowship. The International Research Support Scholarship (IRSF) is a six-month program designed to provide a first-hand research experience to highly motivated students currently pursuing a full-time Ph.D. program at Provincially Chartered Universities of Punjab.

This program is launched to provide exposure to our local students in order to improve the quality of their research through the involvement of international experts in their field of study. It is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • To improve the quality of doctoral research in Pakistan
  • Increase the exposure of Ph.D. students to international research in relevant disciplines and bring the best practices in research.
  • Provide opportunities for Ph.D. students to undertake training/research work at advanced research facilities of top-tier foreign universities
  • Expand the research network of Ph.D. students with foreign universities and explore opportunities for future collaborations.
  • Disseminate information about research in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria IRSF

The eligible candidate must have:

  1. Domicile of any district of Punjab
  2. Maximum 45 years of age on the closing date of the application
  3. Enrolled in a Ph.D. program from any public/private sector university of Punjab and must have completed the courses
  4. Applied after 1.5 years of enrollment and a maximum of 3.5 years in Ph.D. Program
  5. Passed the full exam (according to university standards)
  6. Doctor. synopsis/research proposal approved by the Board of Advanced Study and Research (BASR) or equivalent statutory body of the university
  7. Valid acceptance letter from a foreign university/supervisor listed in the overall ranking of QS’s Top 200 World Universities 2022.

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How to apply International Research Support Fellowship?

Eligible students can apply using the PHEC application form. The complete all set of full documents must include:

  1. Application form duly completed in all its aspects. To apply online (Click here)
  2. Letter(s) of acceptance from a foreign university, in order of preference
  3. CV(s) of the proposed foreign supervisor(s) (no more than 02 pages for each CV)
  4. BASR endorsement showing an approved Ph.D. research topic and synopsis
  5. Doctor. thesis synopsis (complete)
  6. Local Ph.D. recommendation letter from supervisor on local university letterhead endorsed by HOD and dean of the college
  7. Department/organization NOC and study license (if employed)
  8. Copy of passport
  9. copy of address
  10. Copies of academic documents including Ph.D. complete exam results, transcript of coursework showing credit hours and grades earned in each course
  11. All Foreign University Acceptance that the Letter for IRSF by Foreign Supervisor. (This form must be completed and duly signed by the Foreign Supervisor).

03 copies of the above application set must be sent to PHEC. Each set must be properly bound (ring/spiral/other). All attachments to application suites must be properly labeled (tagged). Applications that are not properly bound and attached according to the above list will not be accepted.

(Complete application in all respects must reach Punjab Higher Education Commission, 10th Floor, Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore on or before 10 March 2022 by 05:00 PM. via certified mail. Application sent by hand will not be accepted).

IRSF Grant Provision

The funding grant will cover the bank fee, return airfare, and a subsistence stipend only within the limits defined below:
The return airfare will be allowable as per the actual up to the maximum of Rs. 130,000/- for a round-trip plane ticket. subsistence allowance
Living allowance for different countries is given as follows:

Country Living allowance per month in PKR
UK/USA/Aus/Canada/Eurpoe 150,000
Korea, China, Malaysia 100,000
Rest of world 125,000


The bank fee is only granted if required in the acceptance letter at the time of selection. After selection, no demand for payment will be accepted. The bank fee will be paid up to Rs. 250,000/- only.

IRSF- International Research Support Fellowship

  • Levels: Ph.D. Fields:
  • All Fields
  • Type: ¬†International
  • Category: Merit Based
  • Area: Punjab
  • Deadline: 30-12-2022

Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions of the scholarship award and acceptance of the award is an acknowledgment of these obligations:

  • The applicant must have secured admission into their relevant field of studies
  • Successful candidates will be required to establish a link with PHEC in order to return and complete their Ph.D. studies at their home universities. The copies of the CNIC and the official stamps of the witnesses are mandatory
  • Selected candidates must make use of the scholarship within six months from the date of issuance of the award letter or before, and/or any date specified by PHEC; otherwise, the prize will be canceled automatically without prior notice
  • The Punjab Higher Education Commission would oversee the progress of the fellows
  • Any cost beyond the defined limit will be paid by the fellow himself.
  • For government employees, additional NOC and study leave requirements would apply
  • PHEC reserves the right to postpone/cancel the scholarship at any time without assigning any reason.

IRSF- International Research Support Fellowship

Contact Details Summary

For any additional information about the program, please contact:

Director (HRD)

Punjab Higher Education Commission

Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Tel: 042-99231903