FIFA World Cup 2025 New Schedule Launch

By | December 19, 2022

FIFA World Cup 2025 New Schedule Launch. FIFA is set to expand the Club World Cup into a ‘genuine World Cup’ with 32 teams in 2025.

FIFA President, Gianno Infantino announced the restructuring of the FIFA Men’s Club World Cup to become a mega event with 32 teams. According to the details, the new Men’s Club World Cup will be played in 2025 in which 32 clubs will participate.

FIFA World Cup 2025 New Schedule Launch

FIFA World Cup 2025

Giano Infantino has predicted a similar change at the Women’s Club World Cup. The previous Club World Cup involved the winners of the respective leagues from different regions competing in several rounds to become the world champions.

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The current winners are Chelsea, who won the title in 2021, while the most successful team is Real Madrid with four titles to their name. The new format has been introduced to provide fans with more exciting football and a more competitive environment for players, which could help increase FIFA’s revenue by billions.

Furthermore, the new system will transform the Club World Cup into a true World Cup that will attract more fans and players alike. However, the qualifying method for the newly-formed Club World Cup is still unclear.