Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download

By | October 26, 2022

Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download that the Nikah Nama Form | Pakistani Nikah Nama pdf download A Pakistani marriage contract is known as Nikah Nama or Nikah Nama. The Pakistani Nikah Nama form contains all the necessary information of the marriage contract, the name Nikah Nama must be signed by both the husband and wife at the time of marriage.

Apart from its sanctity in Islam, this document is also fundamental for defining rights and responsibilities within the court for both husband and wife. Nikah in Islam is governed by Islamic Sharia law and Nikah (marriage) in Pakistan is legally governed by the Muslim Family Ordinance 1961, which specifies the details of a Nikah Nama for Muslim couples.

Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download

Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download

In this article, we will explain the various parts of a marriage contract document and how they can be used to provide for and protect the rights of both participants. It may well be the most important document you will ever have in your life. There’s no looking back after signing on the dotted line, yet most couples look at the document seconds before they become husband and wife.

A cleric, hired to conduct the ceremony, usually fills out the form as he sees fit. Many families leave the actual marriage to the mercy of the Maulvi. It is rare to consider the terms and conditions of the marriage contract. The couple begins their new life together unaware of their marital rights.

Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download

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Despite its simplicity, before you sign your marriage contract, you should take the time to carefully review and analyze it. Knowing the marriage contract can actually help a couple better understand their expectations and responsibilities towards each other. To preserve her position in the marriage, it is highly recommended that the bride first aligns herself with her partner in every detail.

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The matter can be contested in court if either party feels that the other party is not abiding by the rules of the marriage contract at any time during the marriage. A Nikah Nama may include various other provisions. For example, many couples set a financial allowance that the husband must give to the wife each month, thus making her financial position more secure.

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This amount can be challenged by the wife after years of marriage keeping in view inflation and her increasing needs. Even in case of separation or divorce, some couples agree that the husband will continue to pay the monthly salary to the wife. As long as the documents comply with the law, additional clauses are acceptable, such as requiring the groom to prove that his first wife has given him permission to marry (in the case of polygamy) or deciding if they separate.

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If so, who will take care of their children? Despite how important it is, the Nikah Nama is almost always left until the last minute, when both the bride and groom have little time to think about it. So, before you work out the details, it would be best for both the prospective bride and groom, as well as their families, to take charge and go over it with a fine-toothed comb.

Get Computerized Nikah Nama Form Download

It is important for you to know and ask for your rights. Here, we will examine the various clauses of a marriage certificate and how they can be filled to protect and provide for the rights of the parties.