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Nadra Nikah Nama Fees

Nadra Nikah Nama Fees. NADRA Nikah Nama is a very important document to prove marriage between two persons (husband and wife) in Pakistan and other countries. NADRA is fully computerized and a more authentic document unlike Pakistan’s Urdu Nikah Nama and English Marriage Certificates. Anyone married in Pakistan can apply for a marriage certificate from NADRA… Read More »

Fake Nikah Nama Pakistan

Fake Nikah Nama Pakistan. A criminal case was registered against a lawyer, Nikah Akhwan and false witnesses for their role in the preparation of fake Nikah names, police said on Sunday. Advocate Owais, who is already incarcerated for the murder of a man related to the case, showed the court a marriage certificate stating that Sudra… Read More »

Nikah Nama Translation In English-نکاح نامہ

Nikah Nama Translation In English-نکاح نامہ. Nikah Nama remains an important document and if you want to translate from an existing language to another language, here you come to the right place for Nikah Nama translation in English. Yashvi Translations Company is filled with many years of experience and numerous professional team members to handle… Read More »

Islamic Nikah Nama Pics

Islamic Nikah Nama Pics. Section 20 of the #Nakahnama gives women the right to fix their monthly allowance. While Section 21 allows the bride to restrict the freedom of the groom to choose a second marriage. So it was not so sick that we make passports, make identity cards, and make Ahmadis equal. Now you… Read More »

Computerized Nikah Nama Online Check

Computerized Nikah Nama Online Check. Nadra is not yet issuing computerized Nikah Nama in Pakistan. Online Check of Nadra’s Marriage Certificates and Online Verification of Nikah Nama, unfortunately, cannot be done, however, we can help you to check the manual Urdu and English Nikah Nama and Nadra Marriage Certificate and get its true copies. Can,… Read More »

Nikah Nama Registration Check Online Pakistan

Nikah Nama Registration Check Online Pakistan. Nadra Marriage Certificate Online Checking and Verification and Nadra Nikah Nama Registration Check Online and Computerized Nadra Online Nikah Nama Online Check is not available anywhere, but if you are registered in Karachi, Rawalpindi, or Islamabad, you can check Nadra through us. Can check the marriage certificate and Nikah… Read More »